Karolynn Sheppard

Karolynn Sheppard
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Karolynn Sheppard


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Karolynn Sheppard has dreamed of being a real estate agent since the age of 17, when her mother enrolled her in real estate school. Although she began at such a young age, her knowledge and appreciation of financial freedom and the benefits of owning her own home didn’t come until a later age. Once married and a mother, she realized that the flexibility of this industry allowed her to spend more time with her family while still being of service to others.

Having been in the customer service industry for over 30 years, her pet peeve is witnessing poor service. Karolynn relishes in the feeling she gets from assisting her clients to realize their homeownership goals. After her first closing, she was hooked on her career as an agent, realizing how gratifying it is to hand over the keys to someone else’s dream.

Karolynn has worked in higher education as an administrator for over 12 years; she earned a B.S. in Business Management and an M.S. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Her experience in higher education led her to realize that she loved strategizing a plan to get students to the end goal, graduation. The same holds true for getting someone to the closing table, there is a fulfillment there that she can’t put into words.

Meeting all types of people from all aspects of life that want something more or better for themselves and their families. And the fact that she learns something new everyday.

Karolynn loves the outdoors and experiencing new and exciting things; lifting weights, yoga, reading self-help books, drinking wine and spending time with family and friends.